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Instructions for playing Minecraft on this website


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When Playing You can change your player name at any time by clicking the box with the player …shown above.

  • The next page will be a full screen browser version of Minecraft 1.5.1.
  • The first time you play Minecraft the following will happen.
  • You will be prompted by your browser to use Java on the page.
  • Java can be downloaded Here.
  • You must click the message box to confirm the use of Java.
  • Java is necessary to play any version of Minecraft. It is highly trusted.
  • There may be some delays as Java loads.
  • The game will take a short time as it loads, this is the full game.
  • You can change your player name at any time by clicking the little box in the upper right corner.
  • Please be patient as game loads. Look for the Java notifications.

Click Here to download this free version of Minecraft

The download version does not require an open browser and loads faster.

Click Here to Begin Playing in your browser


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  1. i like mostly on minecraft

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    I well love minecraft :)

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    I love minecraft

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